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  •  Do I need a concealed handgun permit? Isn't Colorado an Open Carry state?

    By law in Colorado, you are not required to have a concealed handgun permit to posses a handgun concealed inside your vehicle, your home or your place of business. You may also carry a handgun visible on your person without a permit in most public places in Colorado. There are exceptions, such as posted areas like zoos, government/school buildings, some federal parks, and/or cities with ordinances forbidding that practice.

    Whether you carry concealed or open, you need to be aware of specific restrictions. Any private business has the right to restrict weapons or refuse service on private property so a citizen with a handgun exposed in plain view may be asked to leave. Also, the law prohibits being in possession of firearms while intoxicated or under the influence of controlled substances.

    Many citizens don't know the law and may feel threatened by someone who is openly carrying a handgun. The best course of action for someone who plans to open carry is to cooperate fully and help the situation if they are contacted by law enforcement. Once law enforcement determines the person of interest has not committed any crimes, the contact will end.

     Do I need to inform you if I move?

    Yes. Please be sure to notify the Mesa County Sheriff's Office within thirty days of your move. You can do this by completing our change of address form and dropping it off at the Records counter of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office or mailing it to:

    • Mesa County Sheriff's Office
    • Attn: Records Division
    • 215 Rice Street
    • Grand Junction, Colorado 81501

     How long does the CHP application process take from start to finish?

    By law, the Sheriff has ninety days from receipt of your application to perform a background check and either approve or deny your request for a concealed handgun permit. Generally, it takes between sixty and ninety days to complete the background check and notify you that your permit is ready for pick-up.

     How long is my CHP valid for?

    Five years from the date it is issued

     I am a retired Peace Officer, what are my requirements to get a CHP?

    If you have 10 cumulative years of experience as a commissioned peace officer, you may qualify to apply for a Retired Law Enforcement Officer permit.

    Additional Information on Retired Law Enforcement Officer Authority to Carry Concealed Firearms

     I will be taking a road trip and want to carry concealed, what other states will accept my CHP as valid?

    The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has a nationwide list of reciprocity states.

     I've been out of the military for many years, why do I still have to show my Discharge form?

    Federal law prohibits anyone who was dishonorably discharged from the military from owning/carrying a firearm. Therefor, we need to see the type of discharge listed on the long form of your DD214 to be sure you were honorably discharged from the military before we can approve your permit. To obtain military documents online, visit the National Archives Online Search .

     If I move out of Mesa County, do I need to notify/renew my CHP in the new county where I live?

    No. If you apply for your initial concealed handgun permit with Mesa County, you are able to continue to renew with Mesa County, regardless of where you move in Colorado. Please make sure to update your new address with Mesa County Sheriff's Office within thirty days of your move by using our Change of Address Form. You may drop off the completed form in person with our Records Division at 215 Rice Street, or mail it to:

    • Mesa County Sheriff's Office
    • Attn: Records Division
    • 215 Rice Street
    • Grand Junction, Colorado 81501

     If my CHP application or renewal is denied, what is the appeal process?

    Colorado Revised Statute provides for an appeal process. (a) The sheriff shall deny, revoke, or refuse to renew a permit if an applicant or a permittee fails to meet the criteria listed in subsection (1) of this section and may deny, revoke, or refuse to renew a permit on the grounds specified in subsection (2) of this section. (b) Following issuance of a permit, if the issuing sheriff has a reasonable belief that a permittee no longer meets the criteria specified in subsection (1) of this section or that the permittee presents a danger as described in subsection (2) of this section, the sheriff shall suspend the permit until such time as the matter is resolved and the issuing sheriff determines that the permittee is eligible to possess a permit as provided in this section. (c) If the sheriff suspends or revokes a permit, the sheriff shall notify the permittee in writing, stating the grounds for suspension or revocation and informing the permittee of the right to seek a second review by the sheriff, to submit additional information for the record, and to seek judicial review pursuant to section 18-12-207.

     My CHP was lost or stolen. What should I do?

    If your concealed handgun permit is lost or stolen, you need to contact the police agency where the permit was lost or stolen and make a police report. Bring the police report to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Records Division during regular business hours (list at the top of this webpage). A Sheriff's Office employee will make a copy of the police report and ask you to fill out a lost form or you can bring the completed lost form with you. The fee to replace your permit is $15.00, and we accept payment as cash, check or money order only.

     My permit is faded to the point that I cannot read it. What should I do?

    If you unable to read the information on your permit or clearly see your photograph, please bring your permit in to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office for replacement, free of charge. View our Contact Us section for our business hours.

     Will you notify me when it is time to renew my CHP?

    No. Your permit is valid for five years from the date it is issued. It is your responsibility to submit the renewal application in advance of your expiration if you don't want a lapse in holding a valid CHP.

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