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2008 Press Releases  

December 2008

Title Date
Family stuck on Grand Mesa overnight 12/01/2008
Train hits pedestrian overnight 12/02/2008
Child Exploitation, Two Separate Cases 12/04/2008 12/04/2008
Arrest Made in Helmick Murder 12/08/2008
Arrest made in Helmick Murder, Charges Included 12/08/2008
Mesa County Sheriff's Office Photo Of Miriam Helmick 12/08/2008
Jacksonville, FL Sheriff's Office Booking Photo Of Miriam Helmick 12/08/2008
Search & Rescue Taking Applications For New Members   12/10/2008
Miriam Helmick Booking Photo--Mesa County Detention Facility   12/11/2008
1986 Homicide Victim Identified 12/16/2008
Credit Card Thief Needs Identified   12/16/2008

November 2008

Title Date
Man Waives Rifle 11/02/2008
Investigators Need Assistance Identifying Robbery Suspect 11/03/2008
Robbery Suspect Photo 1 11/03/2008
Robbery Suspect Photo 2 11/03/2008
One Stabbed Overnight 11/06/2008
Liquor Compliance Checks 11/10/2008
Drug Task Force: Search Warrant Nets Four 11/12/2008
Drug Task Force: Over Three Pounds of Meth Seized 11/13/2008
27 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Trunk by Street Crimes Unit 11/17/2008
U.S. Dept. of Justice Press Release: Topliss Investigation   11/14/2008

October 2008

Title Date
Wildland Fire Truck Dedication 10/03/2008
Investigators Need Assistance Identifying Motorcycle Theives 10/14/2008
Meth Lab Found In Whitewater 10/18/2008
Update--Meth Lab Found In Whitewater 10/19/2008
Two Dozen Deputies At Palin Event 10/20/2008
Six People Walk Away From Planes 10/22/2008
Sheriff's Office Plane Photo   10/22/2008
Second Civilian Plane Photo 1   10/22/2008
Second Civilian Plane Photo 2   10/22/2008
Street Crimes Unit Deputies Trick-or-Treat 10/28/2008
Halloween Safety Brochure 10/28/2008

September 2008

Title Date
Mesa County Fire Ban Lifted 09/02/2008
Deputies Find Marijuana Grow in Backyard 09/04/2008
Rock Jam Stats 09/07/2008
Inmate Escaped Detention Facility 09/09/2008
Photo of Escapee Shane Edward Johnson 09/09/2008
Update--Inmate Escaped Detention Facility 09/09/2008
2nd Update--Inmate Escaped Detention Facility   09/09/2008
Two Runs on Saturday Benefit Search & Rescue 09/10/2008
Father Arrested For Death of Teenage Son   09/12/2008
Media Advisory: Annual Volunteer Luncheon 09/13/2008
Two Dozen Deputies at Obama Event 09/15/2008
Safe Schools Healthy Students 09/17/2008
Media Advisory: Good News Jail & Prison Ministry Golf Tourney 09/19/2008
Street Crimes Unit Volunteers with Local Boy Scout Troop   09/19/2008
Media Advisory: Seniors Gold Initiative 09/25/2008
Seniors Gold Flyer 09/25/2008

August 2008

Title Date
Alternative Sentencing Unit Celebrates First Anniversary 08/05/2008
Fraud Suspect Nick Evan Angel Wanted 08/11/2008
Second Fraud Suspect Elizabeth Vaughan Willis Wanted 08/12/2008
Touch-A-Truck Invite 08/13/2008
Child Abuse Suspect Arrested 08/12/2008
Oklahoma Murder Suspect Caught in Clifton 08/14/2008
Citizens Police Academy Flyer 08/21/2008
Citizens Police Academy Press Release   08/21/2008
Deputy Nationally Recognized 08/13/2008

July 2008

Title Date
GJFD Fire Restrictions 07/02/2008
Fireworks Info Sheet 07/02/2008
Share the Road Campaign 07/10/2008
Media Advisory: Grand Valley Tactical Rescue Vehicle 07/14/2008
ID Thieves Connected to California Cases 07/17/2008
Unattended Death In Orchard Mesa 07/24/2008
Human Remains Found, Investigation Is On-Going 07/28/2008
Underage Drinking Enforcement Spoils Weekend 07/28/2008
VINE--Victim Notification Program 07/31/2008
Colorado Map Of Counties Currently Using VINE 07/31/2008

June 2008

Title Date
Death at Glade Park Potholes 06/01/2008
Drug Task Force--Nets 83 Pounds of Marijuana 06/05/2008
Sheriff Gives 2nd Warning About River Conditions 06/05/2008
Drug Task Force--Nets More Than 130 Pounds of Marijuana 06/06/2008
Climb Independence Monument on Independence Day   06/06/2008
Investigators Need Public's Help in Identifying Robbery Suspect 06/10/2008
Sketch of Robbery Suspect 06/10/2008
Whitewater Investigation Classified as Homicide 06/11/2008
Mesa County Coroner's Press Release on Whitewater Homicide 06/11/2008
Bike Safety Warning   06/19/2008
GJPD & MCSO Prostitution Sting 06/20/2008
Country Jam Media Advisory 2008   06/24/2008
Country Jam Stats June 26th 06/27/2008
Country Jam Stats June 27th   06/28/2008
Country Jam Stats June 28th 06/29/2008
Fire Ban Restrictions 06/28/2008

May 2008

Title Date
Search & Rescue Tracker Training 05/03/2008
National Police Week Memorial Vigil, Public Invite 05/05/2008
Body Found In Orchard Mesa   05/10/2008
National Police Week Memoriral Vigil, Press Release 05/12/2008
Residential Burglaries 2008 05/15/2008
Three Taken To Hospital After Assault 05/18/2008
Sheriff Warns of River Dangers 05/23/2008
Search & Rescue Mission Near Bangs Canyon   05/24/2008

April 2008

Title Date
Four Suspects Identified 04/01/2008
Sheriff's Office Open House Event at the Museum of the West 04/10/2008
History of the Rural Area Deputy Program--125th Anniversary Release   04/29/2008

March 2008

Title Date
Mesa County 125th Anniversary Press Release 03/07/2008
Four Suspects Need Identified, Credit Card Theft 03/10/2008
Drug Task Force--Greyhound Bus Interdiction 03/14/2008
Drug Task Force--Nearly 8 Pounds of Meth 03/26/2008
Attempted Robbery 03/26/2008
Search and Rescue Mission on Grand Mesa 03/26/2008
DEA & Drug Task Force--Arrest 9 Plus Meth 03/28/2008
Drug Task Force--Nearly 600 Pounds of Marijuana 03/29/2008

February 2008

Title Date
Sex Assault Suspect Arrested 02/01/2008
Man Hunt in DeBeque 02/02/2008
Update--Man Hunt in DeBeque 02/02/2008
Pinon Mesa Search and Rescue 02/04/2008
Divide Road Search and Rescue   02/04/2008
Correction--Pinon Mesa Search and Rescue 02/04/2008
Mesa County 125th Anniversary Kick-Off Event 02/04/2008
Bangs Canyon Search and Rescue 02/06/2008
Accidental Shooting at Gun Store 02/10/2008
Correction--Accidental Shooting at Gun Store 02/10/2008
Cris-Mar Street Stabbing 02/16/2008
Update--Cris-Mar Street Stabbing 02/16/2008
Lindholm Sexual Assault Investigation   02/18/2008
Update--Lindholm Sexual Assault Investigation 02/20/2008
Mark Delmege Remains Identified 02/20/2008
Coroner's Press Release on Delmege   02/20/2008
Thefts From Auto 02/22/2008
Drug Task Force Bust 2-22-08 02/22/2008
Clifton Home Found On Fire 02/23/2008
Palisade Desert Shooting 02/24/2008
Sex Assault Allegation 02/24/2008
Drug Task Force Bust 2-24-08   02/24/2008
Michael Little Arrested on Sexual Assault on a Child 02/29/2008

January 2008

Title Date
Convicted Sex Offender Walter David Long Arrested 01/02/2008
David Diesburg Arrest on Thirteen Charges of Child Sexual Assault 01/08/2008
Investigators Searching for Gas Station Witnesses 01/09/2008
Deputy Deployes to Iraq 01/09/2008
Search & Rescue Weekend Training 01/11/2008
Explorer Cadet Program Accepting Applications 01/15/2008
Help Investigators Find Gas Station Witnesses 01/16/2008
Media Advisory--Drug Task Force Reorganizes 01/23/2008
Drug Task Force Nets Six Overnight 01/24/2008
Grand Mesa Snowmobile Search   01/27/2008

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