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  • Mesa County Sheriff's Office Neighborhood Watch Program is a citizen-lead community program that enables citizens to become pro-active in their neighborhoods through support and training from local law enforcement and other community organizations. 

    This program is intended to provide awareness and proactive attitudes to keep our homes, children and community safe and encourage neighbors to get to know and look out for each other. Our program is focused on providing you the very best crime prevention strategies and theories known to law enforcement.

    If you would like more information on the Neighborhood Watch Program, contact the Community Policing Unit at (970) 986-1187 or email Deputy Chad Williams. After reading through the three bullet points below, if you want to continue with starting a neighborhood watch program, then click here to visit our RESOURCES page and download the two documents.

  •  The benefits of starting a neighborhood watch

    • Evokes pride and a sense of responsibility in community
    • Increases communication between neighbors, and includes direct two-way communication with local law enforcement
    • Increases awareness of safety and disperses community resources
    • Builds strong relationships with local law enforcement
    • Teaches children to care for others while keeping themselves safe

    Please note: Neighborhood watch is a non-confrontational program. It is never acceptable for citizens to put themselves at risk. Above all, a neighborhood watch is not a vigilante movement.

     Start a neighborhood watch program in your neighborhood

    If you are interested in finding out how to start a neighborhood watch program, contact the Community Policing Unit of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at (970) 986-1187 to set up an orientation meeting or email Deputy Williams to schedule an orientation meeting. Below are some tips to help you prepare for an orientation:

    • Designate a Watch Captain and Co-Captain from your neighborhood
      • This is a vital role in building and maintaining a proficient neighborhood watch program.
      • The role of Watch Captain is to be a point of contact for neighbors and the neighborhood representative for law enforcement. You will be the impetus for bringing your neighbors together and encouraging your Neighborhood Watch to grow and flourish.
      • Watch Captain and Co-Captain should be willing to help neighbors get and stay motivated to remain in touch about what is important to the neighborhood, as well as, willing to receive crime prevention training and present that training to your Neighborhood Watch members.

    Now is the time to find new opportunities to "neighbor" with those who share our block, if not our lives. One opportunity will be when you meet with your neighbors at a Neighborhood Watch Program Orientation Meeting.

     What to expect from a Neighborhood Watch Program Orientation Meeting

    Once a date, time and place is set you can expect to learn a lot about what services law enforcement and other agencies can provide for you. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office conducts a Neighborhood Watch Orientation Meeting a bit differently than other agencies. You will be given the opportunity to not only meet one of the Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies, but an opportunity to likely meet representatives from the local fire department, Colorado State Patrol and any neighboring law enforcement agency that might share jurisdiction with your neighborhood and our agency. You will also get the chance to learn about the functions of the Citizens on Patrol (COP), Victims Assistance Program (VAP) and the Explorers Post for teens interested in law enforcement, and how all these programs and volunteers contribute to the safety and well being of your neighborhood.

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